The prize pool is the total amount of rewards that is distributed to the winners after each scrim match. The first winner will take 80% of the prize-pool and the other 20% will be distributed on the other players according to the number of kills of each team. The number of kills of all squad members is added up and the prize is distrubuted equally amongst them.



You can always participate in free scrim matches with Arcadous. You can also buy tickets to enter paid tournaments and win even more, because who doesn’t like winning more?



Whether you're participating in free or paid scrims, or just scrolling through the platform, you'll be earning honor points along the way. Honor points can be used in the Arcadous Store to buy tickets for paid scrims, skins, hardware, and other items. Honor points are coming soon.



The only case tickets will be refunded is in case of a technical difficulty in Arcadous platform or in the game lobby.