- All players need to register to the event in order to participate.

- This Event is Squads only. A Squad is considered complete only when all 4 players of the squad are registered.

- When registration period is over, unregistered players and incomplete squads will be unable to participate in the scrim series.

- You will not be able to perform any changes to your squad, consequently you can't kick,  replace, or invite any player to your squad after registration period is over. 

- All players will play the same number of scrims.

-The registration cap of this event is 16 teams (64 players).



- All the teams must be present in our discord during the scrims for any technical support.

- The scrims will start on time and there will be no delays unless in case of hosting technical issues, so make sure to be on time.

- Players are allowed to stream with 5 minutes delay, otherwise will be disqualified.

- During the event, players will not be able to replace their PUBG in-game-name for whatever reason.

- Players entering the game lobby with a different PUBG in-game-name than the one linked to their Arcadous account will be kicked from the lobby.

- Squads of 2 players will not be allowed to participate and will be kicked out of the lobby.


Tournament System:


- The event has a cap of 16 Teams (64 Players)

- 1 day, 4 Scrims

- All teams will play the same number of games