- Only Arab (60%) and Turkish(40%) Players are allowed to register in this Event.

- All players need to register for event to participate.

- This Event is Squads only. A Squad is considered complete only when all 4 players of the squad are registered.

- Registration period starts on Wednesday, 2 December at 12:01 am and ends on Friday, 10 December at 11:59 pm, Beirut time.

- When registration period is over, unregistered players and incomplete squads will be unable to participate in the scrim series.

- You will not be able to perform any changes to your squad. Consequently, you can't kick,  replace, or invite any player to your squad after registration period is over.

- After registration is over, all Squads will be randomly distributed over available scrims.

- All players will play the same number of scrims.

- Players and teams cannot request to change their assigned scrim dates and times whatsoever.

- The registration cap of this event is 80 teams (320 players).



- All the teams must be present in our discord during the scrims for any technical support.

- Any team that registers to the event and doesn't show up to their scrims will not be allowed to participate in any upcoming event in the future.

- The scrims will start on time and there will be no delays unless in case of hosting technical issues, so make sure to be on time.

- Players are allowed to stream with 5 minutes delay, otherwise will be disqualified.

- During the event, players will not be able to replace their PUBG in-game-name for whatever reason.

- Players entering the game lobby with a different PUBG in-game-name than the one linked to their Arcadous account will be kicked from the lobby.

- Squads of 2 players will not be allowed to participate and will be kicked out of the lobby.


Tournament System:


- The event has a cap of 80 Teams (320 Players)

- All team will play the same number of games

- The number of scrims each team will play will be determined based on the total number of registered participating teams.

- This event consists of 2 Rounds:

Round 1:

a. Teams will compete in groups

b. each team will play a set amount of games

c. Each team will receive prize money + points in each scrim they play

d. The number of qualified teams from each group will be determined based on the total number of registered participants at the end of registration period.

e. When Round 1 is over, 16 teams will be qualified to round 2 (The Final Challenge)


Point System: 

1st place: 10 points

2nd place: 6 points

3rd place: 5 points

4th place: 4 points

5th place: 3 points

6th place: 2 points

7th place: 1 point

8th place: 1 point


Each kill is 1 point


In case of a points tie, the tiebreaker will be most kills

and in case of a kills tie, the tiebreaker will be most damage done


Round 2:


The Final Challenge is 1 game only


Prizes System:

- The total prize pool is 2000$ Distributed to 2 rounds as follows:

a. Round 1: 1000$ distributed over the scrims equally

b. Each Scrim prize is distributed as follow: 80% of the prize pool for the winning team, and 20% of the prizepool distributed per kill.

c. Round 2: 1000$ distributed to the winning team in The Final Challenge