Our main goal at Arcadous is to organize clean and fair scrims and to build a healthy community that competes in an enjoyable and cheat-free atmosphere. However, we all know how tricky it is to fight and detect some cheats, especially when it comes to the Radar.


In order to give you the best gaming experience in our scrims, we've come up with a new Penalty System based on Flags and it works as follows:


·         In case the entire panel of judges confirms that a player is using any kind of cheats, this player will receive a Red Flag  and will be banned permanently from Arcadous

·         In case the entire panel of judges is suspicious of a player and his gameplay patterns, like perfect rotations or questionable movements, the player will receive a Yellow Flag  :

1.       When a player receives his first Yellow Flag, he will be banned for 3 days

2.       When a player receives a second Yellow Flag, he will be banned for 1 month

3.       When a player receives a third Yellow Flag, he will be banned for 1 year

·         Flags reset from a player's account every three months


We'd like to remind you that our main goal is to ensure an enjoyable and cheat-free gaming experience for all players, so we would really appreciate all the help and support, keeping in mind that flags are issued with the approval of the entire anti-cheat team.


Kindly take a look at the below picture for more details. We're more than happy to answer all your questions and take all your constructive feedback! Our moderators are always ready to help on Discord.